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As summer holidays finish and everyone who attends school will soon begin a brand new year of exploration, learning and personal growth, it’s important to remember that each of us as human beings are meant to be ‘life-long learners’ -  increasing our understanding, exploring possibilities, developing gifts and skills, trying things which are new for us, and learning with and from those around us!  This autumn, our Benefice churches offer a variety of opportunities to help you grow and flourish as a life-long learner, including……

 Opportunities to explore ‘questions of life’ and discover how Christian faith and discipleship give us unique resources for living life ‘to the full’. ALPHA (based in Alrewas) and Pilgrim (based in Fradley) are available for anyone hungry for ‘food for thought’ (and other refreshments too!).



This month John reflects on the importance of refreshing,renewing and refocusing.........




Time to say goodbye…

Dear Friends,

Time passes so quickly.  In the time it takes you to read this post 3 babies will have been born, and 2 people will have passed away.  The world we live in is obsessed with time.  We are always complaining of not having enough time, of having too much to do; we apologise because we don’t achieve thirty hours work in every twenty-four.  Sleep is seen as wasteful- I’ll sleep when I’m dead.. and surviving on minimal sleep carries a badge of honour. 


Chris article

One more step…

Dear Friends,

As I write this the Brexit vote hasn’t happened yet, so the future of this United Kingdom’s relationship with Europe is still uncertain.  We’ll continue to hold the whole process in prayer…  I’ve also just been given the go-ahead to announce where the next step of my ministry will be… I cannot tell you now, but on Sunday 31st March I’ll be making that announcement at All Saints and St Stephen’s. 


Our Lenten Journey


     Believe it or not, it’s time for yet another Lenten journey to begin – a journey which lasts for forty days until Easter (excluding Sundays, which continue to be celebrations of Jesus resurrection!), and which invites each of us to make personal time and space to explore our relationship with God, and deepen our personal faith in his wonderful presence and promises.


‘Presence’ is the Best ‘Present’ of All……

Nativity pic


season of creation

Dear Friends

After such a lovely summer, it is hard to accept the shorter days and colder temperatures. Autumn has a bonus, though and we are usually blessed with lovely golden colours, as the leaves turn delicate shades of brown, rust, red and gold. It is harvest time and we celebrate in the ‘Season of Creation’ all that is dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life.


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