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From the Curate - September 2018



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Dear Friends,

As I sit writing this the beautiful Summer weather has started to wane, giving us a glimpse of the Autumn and Winter seasons to come.

We are in the middle of a fantastic Arts Festival, and the creativity and community of Alrewas continues to inspire me; in fact it goes beyond inspiration, the word awe is more appropriate.  When we see things that point beyond them to something bigger, we feel the sense of awe that God provokes within us.  Whether we express that through organised religion, or through a spirituality that doesn’t subscribe to a particular creed, we all have within us a longing to connect, to belong and an innate knowledge we are part of something bigger.   When we hear a beautiful voice, see a beautiful painting or lose ourselves in a wonderful photograph, that sense of awe we feel is the inner voice of God reminding us where our hearts truly lie. 

September is a time of transition, when we move from holiday season to a new school year; new experiences for those starting primary school, secondary school, college or university.  Together as community we pray for those who are fearful as they make the big step from All Saints primary to John Taylor or the Friary secondary schools.  Yet we know they go to those schools prepared in the best possible way, with the knowledge that they are loved by God.  Whether they express their faith or not, our time with the children at All Saints shows us they all have faith, and their young minds are receptive to new experiences, new encounters, and new feelings of awe.

What has given you a sense of awe during the summer; during the wonderful Arts Festival?  For me it was a new experience, the Escape Room.  As Laura and I walked into the room with our teammates- who we didn’t know previously, I was filled with awe at the creative talent and sheer effort that had created such a wonderful immersive atmosphere- it was like entering another world.  In the Escape Room communication is key, and despite not knowing the couple we were teamed up with, it was easy to communicate because we had a common purpose- escaping as fast as possible!  Our likes and dislikes, occupations, history and personality type were irrelevant.  It made me think about how we communicate, it can be easy to say the same things to the same people.  We forget that we have a common purpose, to share the good news that God loves all of us.  So let’s do that together; do new things, tell people what made us feel a sense of awe, and you never know, we just might help them to encounter God in the process.





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