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From the Vicar - November 2022


‘Remembering’ is much more than a ‘nice thing to do’….as human beings, it is a vital activity throughout our lives which helps us to be more fully aware and appreciative of our identity, our story and our value, as individuals, as a local community, and as a nation and world !


When I have the privilege of visiting older members of our benefice – whether in their own home, or a local medical facility or care home - the phrase ‘I remember when…’ gets mentioned, followed by a wealth of past experiences and events which remain meaningful to them, and indeed brings these life-shaping moments once more into our present lives, reminding us of who we are, ‘whose’ we are, and that our history and identity matter deeply. 


When we are in the presence of family or friends who sadly suffer from the devastating effects of dementia, and are increasingly deprived of the ability to remember, it is a powerful reminder of how tragic it is to lose this key function of our centre of meaning and being.


Each autumn, we as individuals and as village communities are offered special opportunities to engage in a ‘season of corporate remembering’, which I remind us of in this column, and warmly invite you and your loved ones to participate in as you are able:


 As previously mentioned in last month’s edition of Parish News, on Sunday 30th October, 3:00 pm at All Saints Church Alrewas, we shall be holding the Annual All

 Souls Service Commemorating the Faithful Departed . This service is, first and foremost, for every person in the communities of Alrewas, Fradley and Wychnor who, during the past twelve months, has lost a loved one and has had to deal with the challenges of grief and bereavement; at the same time, this service warmly welcomes each and every person who would like to come and remember afresh the lives of their loved ones who are no longer with us, and to recall and take comfort once more in the promises of God, whose life and love are stronger than death itself. One of the most touching and special moments of this whole service is when the names of the faithful departed are respectfully read aloud, giving each of us the opportunity to remember their continuing presence in God’s perpetual care.


          On the 5th November, local community celebrations of ‘Bonfire Night’ help us remember as a nation the successful foiling of the terrorist plotting of Guy Fawkes (amongst others) to overthrow the King and Parliament in 1605, and the vital importance of our democracy and freedom – which can be far too easily taken for granted!


On Sunday 13th November, we come together in each of our three communities to commemorate Remembrance Sunday, as we take time to remember and give thanks for all who have served our country in the cause of peace and justice, and especially to recall, with genuine appreciation, those whose lives were lost in the fight for freedom  (details of local church services are listed within this edition of Parish News).


We also are invited to join the British Legion in their annual Poppy Appeal;the poppies hand-made by disabled British veterans and purchased by us, help remember and support the daily needs of thousands of service personnel who, for our freedom, suffered permanent disabilities requiring life-long assistance in nursing and care homes, run and funded solely by the British Legion.


And…not just this autumn, but in each and every day of our lives, may we remember and give thanks – with our lips and in our attitude and actions - for the numerous blessings we receive from God, the source of our being and value!


                                      Your Vicar and friend,  John Allan

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