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from the Vicar - Jan 2023


The Most Important New Year’s Resolution to Make…..and KEEP!

IF you are thinking of making a New Year’s resolution BUT you are unsure of which one to make, may I warmly commend to you a thought-provoking and challenging reflection from Bishop Mervyn Stockwood, which offers an interpretation of the 13th chapter of Paul’s First Letter to the Christians in Corinth, on how God’s people should be:

Though we have services in modern English,
and lots of new Eucharistic prayers, and have special Family Services;
and although we have a passion for organisation
and create sub-committee after sub-committee,
and computerise at length and tackle long agendas of business,
and raise all kinds of new money,
but have not love, we gain nothing.

And although we can boast a nice church
with nice people and useful modern plant with a hall and family room,
but have not love, we gain nothing.

Love that is genuine is shown by how we get on with people:
love accepts people as they are,
love answers needs with no strings attached;
love shares to the point of giving all;
love is happy to see its possessions spoilt in the Lord’s Service.

Love that is genuine helps us to acknowledge our own shortcomings,
helps us to see the other person as they could be in Christ,
spurs us to pray persistently for this to happen,
urges us to be ready and able to explain the way of salvation.

Love never ends. As for church services, they will pass away;
as for administration, it will cease.
Be they ever so wonderful – eventually buildings will pass away.

BUT GOD’S CONCERNS, shown in sharing with those in need,
and the message of Christ, WILL NEVER, EVER PASS AWAY.

In this life, there are three enduring qualities – faith, hope, and love.

In this New Year of 2023, may the true living of GOD’S LOVE IN YOUR LIFE be the one resolution you make AND FULFILL, in order to experience a truly blessed New Year both for yourself and others!

With every blessing for you and yours this New Year,
Vicar John

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