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From the Vicar - May 2023


Celebrating a ‘Right Royal CORONATION’!

This month of May offers our United Kingdom, and indeed
the Commonwealth nations throughout the world, the
wonderful opportunity to experience and to celebrate the
Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III the weekend of
6-8th May!

Born in Buckingham Palace during the reign of King George
VI, Charles Philip Arthur George was only 3 years old when
his mother ascended to the throne in 1952; he is
acknowledged as the longest serving ‘heir apparent’ to the
throne, and at the age of 73 he became the oldest
person to accede to the throne upon the death of Queen
Elizabeth II in September 2022.

Having served his country in the Royal Air Force as well as
the Royal Navy, Charles became a Prince of the Realm in
1958. During his 64 years of service as the longest serving
Prince of Wales, he often undertook official duties and engagements on behalf of the
Queen. In his own right, he has offered a significant contribution to the life of the nation
in numerous ways - such as founding ‘The Princes Trust’ youth charity in 1976, which to
date has helped more than one million young people aged 11-30 to develop essential life
skills, get ready for work and access job opportunities; recognised the importance of
architecture; and has been an active advocate throughout his life for the care of the
Earth’s environment through the promotion and practice of organic farming, the creation
of meadows, and providing leadership in addressing the climate change crisis affecting
every inhabitant of this fragile planet. King Charles also gives valued support to over 400
charities and organisations as a patron or member.

On Saturday 6th May, Charles will be officially crowned
as King (and his wife, Camilla, as Queen Consort) in
a historic worship service in Westminster Abbey by the
Archbishop of Canterbury, which will feature both
ancient traditionsand brand-new aspects reflecting greater ethnic and
re ligious diversity, as well as the Monarchy’s changing role into the future. Charles will still pledge to be
‘Defender of the Faith’ in his Coronation Oath, and - as his Mother before him - serve as the Supreme
Governor of the Church of England. 

 However, the formal investiture service is merely the beginning of what King Charles
hopes will be a special national opportunity for communities to come together and join in
both celebration with each other, and in service to our neighbours! On Sunday 7th May,
I do hope you and your loved ones will actively participate in and support the special
worship services and civic festivities taking place in the villages of our own benefice,
marking the King’s desire for everyone to unite together, enjoy local street parties and a
‘Coronation BIG LUNCH’! (Further information available in the Parish News, local posters
and digital sources).
On Bank Holiday Monday 8th May, I also hope
you will avail yourself of the opportunities on offer
in your own locality to be of practical assistance
and service to fellow residents, by joining in the
King’s ‘Big Help Out’ National Volunteering Day
inviting everyone to do something which blesses
others - including planting new trees or flowers,
tidying up the neighbourhood, helping provide
food for those in need through the local Foodbank
or preparing hot meals to share, offering friend-
ship and a ‘listening ear’ for someone feeling lonely,
and many other possibilities (again, look for further
information in Parish News and local sources….).

As King Charles prepares for this unique opportunity to serve God and Country, please hold him and one another in prayer:
‘Blessed are you, Lord Jesus, for as you were sent by God the Father, so you send us. Equip Charles our King, and all your people, with the gifts to fulfil our calling, that we may love as you loved, serve as you served, and willingly follow wherever you lead. Amen.’

Your Vicar and friend, John

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