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From the Vicar - March 2024


“A Most Special Invitation for Each of Us”

When a friend invites us to join in an event which has special significance for them, enabling us to share more fully in their life, it is a wonderful expression of their appreciation and love for us……and that is especially the case when Jesus, the presence of our living, loving God ‘in the flesh’, invites each of us to ‘come and follow him’ (the very same personal invitation he gave to the fishermen who became his earliest followers), offering us the opportunity to ‘come and see’ for ourselves how the living God is revealing his own awesome presence, power, purposes and promises in the events of Jesus’ life and ministry.

This personal invitation especially includes journeying with Jesus through Holy Week (24th – 31st March), and our churches in Alrewas, Fradley and Wychnor most warmly wish to welcome you and your family to join in with the various special services and activities hosted by each one (details available in each church’s section in this edition of Parish News)…..

Come and experience the first day of Holy Week – Palm Sunday (24th March) – as Jesus’ triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem is retold in story, movement and symbol (with palm crosses for all) …enter into the awe and wonder of the crowds which celebrated Jesus as King, but had no idea what that might mean for their own lives……what might it mean for ours?

On Maundy Thursday (28th March), join us at All Saints Alrewas as we gather from all three villages to enter into the experience of Jesus’ ‘last supper’ with his
disciples, and Jesus blows his disciples’ minds as he reveals completely unexpected insights into God’s presence and power in their lives….and ours too!
This moving Communion Service will include symbolic ‘handwashing’ for those who wish to partake…….

……as we remember Jesus being betrayed by one of his very own and his disciples abandoning him out of fear for their own lives, from 9pm to 12am a ‘Night Watch’ will continue in All Saints, with opportunity for candle-lit personal meditation and occasional readings – you are warmly invited to ‘drop in’ and stay for however long you wish, as we prepare for the world-changing events the next day…

On Good Friday (29th March), you are invited to participate in a variety of services and activities which help us to experience the awesome depth and costliness of God’s love for our world, and for each one of us personally, as the events leading to Jesus’ death are retold in story, song, activities and experiences for all ages

Following an eerily quiet ‘Holy Saturday’ as the painful reality of Jesus’ death sinks in, we sincerely hope everyone will join in our churches’ joy-filled celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection on EASTER SUNDAY (31st March) as we celebrate the life-changing victory of God’s love!

We sincerely hope you will accept this personal invitation to join in the wonder of Holy Week, and experience afresh the amazing presence and power of God to
make all things new….including me and you, and our lives now and eternally!

Vicar John

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