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From the Vicar - March


Our Lenten Journey


     Believe it or not, it’s time for yet another Lenten journey to begin – a journey which lasts for forty days until Easter (excluding Sundays, which continue to be celebrations of Jesus resurrection!), and which invites each of us to make personal time and space to explore our relationship with God, and deepen our personal faith in his wonderful presence and promises.

The journey begins on Ash Wednesday, when everyone from Alrewas, Fradley and Wychnor is welcome to All Saints Church Alrewas for a special Holy Communion with Ashing service at 7:30pm, giving us an opportunity to reflect upon our lifespan on planet Earth and what it means to truly depend upon and trust God as the source of our life and love.


     We hope you will choose to continue the journey by joining in our annual Joint Lenten Discussion Group held at Alrewas Methodist Church. This year’s discussion topic will help us to gently explore the theme ‘Talking Faith’ by thinking about things like

·       How is God present with us?

·       What is our experience of how God loves, cares

          for and listens to us?

·       What gives us confidence to share our experience of God with others?


We will be meeting from 7:30 to 9:00pm starting on Wednesday 13th March (and concluding in Holy Week on 17th April), there’s no charge for attending (and free refreshments too!), and – along with the use of film clips and reflections  - we will have a go at using Table Talk for Friends – A Game of Conversations, a fun, relaxed and enjoyable way to share about our lives, thoughts and questions with each other, giving all who wish an opportunity to be understood, and get to know another’s point of view about life and faith as we experience it!


Our Lenten Journey will, of course, continue with special events for Holy Week and Easter from April 14th to 21st …..but more about that in the April!


                                                               With every blessing,  Vicar John


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