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From the Curate - April 2019


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One more step…

Dear Friends,

As I write this the Brexit vote hasn’t happened yet, so the future of this United Kingdom’s relationship with Europe is still uncertain.  We’ll continue to hold the whole process in prayer…  I’ve also just been given the go-ahead to announce where the next step of my ministry will be… I cannot tell you now, but on Sunday 31st March I’ll be making that announcement at All Saints and St Stephen’s. 

This waiting, holding on to uncertainty, waiting for decisions made by others before we can know the next step for us and for our country, is all the more poignant in this season of Lent.   I want to thank you for your prayers and, as I prepare to take this step from Assistant Curate to Rector, I humbly ask for those prayers to continue.  For as I travel from the old to the new, I will take with me all I have learned and enjoyed during my time with you at Alrewas, Fradley and Wychnor.

I’m not so naïve that I’m unaware of how hard leading parishes is going to be, there’s going to be lots of new and unknown things I will see.  Yet I know that God is gracious and, as 1 Corinthians 10 reminds us, never tests us beyond our capabilities…  Our prayers and relationships with those who journey with us help us through the bad and good; giving us courage when the world is rough and helping us love one another when the world is tough.

As we journey towards the cross this Lent, help us to remember the footsteps of those who have travelled before us.  Our God who is ever old and ever new, who created the world, and continues to create the beauty around us as winter gives way to spring.  Let us encourage one another to keep travelling alongside our wonderful God whatever the future brings.

With every blessing                                                                                                                     

Revd Chris


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