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Important public notice about our churchyard


A recent survey of the churchyard shows that a number of Tombs and Headstones are, due to deterioration of the stonework or other damage, liable to cause safety concerns to users of the churchyard and the PCC wishes to take appropriate action to eliminate these concerns.

There is a standard procedure which we must follow which starts with a public notification of our intentions coupled with an attempt to identify and make contact with any living descendants of those interred in the graves. Descendants of the deceased remain owners of these memorials in perpetuity and are responsible for the upkeep of the memorials. We are therefore keen to identify any such descendants.

This will be followed by a Faculty application for permission to carry out the work to an agreed specification and cost.

The public notice below will be displayed both inside and outside the church and at various other public places in the village for a period of two months from 1 May 2018. If no contact information is received by this date the PCC reserves the right to take necessary action without further notice.


Notice is hereby given that the PCC of All Saints, Alrewas is seeking to identify any living descendants of those whose names are inscribed on the Tombs and Headstones in Alrewas churchyard and as listed below.

This information is needed to enable the PCC to take any action necessary to ensure the safety to persons using the churchyard from these memorials falling and causing personal harm.

  • Triple Tombs dedicated to the Whitehouse family dated 1859/1881 lying to the SW of the church.
  • Single Headstone Slabs – one dedicated to the Yeld family, the other unidentifiable but possibly also the Yeld family lying to the SW of the church.
  • Single Tomb with all engraving completely erased lying to the NE of the church.
  • Double Tombs dedicated to the Smith family of Orgreave dated 1861/1868 lying to the NE of the church adjacent to the footpath from Church Road.
  • Three Modern Headstones dedicated to George Coleclough, Iris Jefferson, and Alfred and Constance Dolman all lying in the new graves section of the churchyard.

All relative information should be addressed to the Vicar, Wardens and PCC and forwarded to The Vicarage, Church Road, Alrewas DE13 7BS no later than 12 noon on Sunday 1 July 2018.

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